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Book a free session with one of our coaches, and receive a guided exercise to feel more calm, peaceful, and present, so you can breathe deeper now.

The Coaching Collective is created by:

Psychospiritual Institute

We believe that each person is creative, resourceful and whole. It is our mission to help people remember exactly who they are and support them to become who they are meant to be, beyond the conditions of society.

We help people dissolve patterns of behavior that keep them feeling stuck, and realign purpose and action so they can show up more fully in their own lives and create massive impact in our world. We are creating a powerhouse community of changemakers, who are transforming the world through their own inner growth and radically-shifted mindset, new paradigm leadership skills, and heart-centered businesses.

Psychospiritual Institute offers individual coaching and mentorship, workshops, mindful-living events, business programs for mission-driven entrepreneurs, and one of the world’s leading fully accredited transformational coach training and leadership programs in the transpersonal psychology of Psychosynthesis. The work we do here is unique.

Our programs combine spiritual psychology, deep ecology, leadership skills and conscious business development to address and develop not only ourselves as individuals, but our ability to impact and inspire society as a whole.

Learn more at: http://psychospiritualinstitute.com/

Purple Eagle Tribe

Purple Eagle Tribe is a Transpersonal psychology-based coaching and personal development community of Husband and Wife, Adam (Satya) and Claudia (Mukti). It is the divine merging of two worlds, the creative flow of the feminine and the grounded committed masculine.

We guide individuals, couples, and groups toward connecting to their True Self, to see through the false aspects of their being…. those falsities which stop you, prevent you, block you and even sabotage you.

We facilitate the process of Self-discovery, illuminating false beliefs and disempowering mindsets, connecting you to your purpose and integrating it into the world.

We coach towards self-awareness, offering tools for maintenance of the newly awakened state of being. We also offer management tools, branding, and business development to support in building a foundation for the creation of one’s vision.

We are committed to a world that is connected, awakened, healed and prosperous, where everyone remembers who they are.

This will show up as our supporting 100,000 individuals toward connecting with the liberated being that is wanting to emerge.

Learn more at: www.purpleeagletribe.com

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